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About Stephanie

I was raised in the shadow of a great big mountain in a house full of laughter, sarcasm, and lots of ice cream. As the daughter of an excavator I learned to appreciate the value of hard work and a little bit of dirt under my nails.

I believe that life is full of opportunities to find joy wherever you happen to be. One of my biggest joys comes from the opportunity I have to associate with teenagers. Our youth are fantastic and fascinating individuals and I  consider it an honor to volunteer my time in their service. 

I look for any excuse I can to spend time with nature.There is no artist that can fully capture the beauty of what God has created. Camping, four wheeling, fishing, and hiking are some of my favorite ways to build memories with my family.

I've been to girls camp more times than I can keep track of. I've slept in crowded tents and comfy cabins. I've gone on many long hikes and collected quite the plethora of cute little crafty items. I've cooked meals in the most rudimentary camp kitchens, over open fires, and in torrential down pours. I've laughed til my gut ached, lost hours and hours of sleep, and had my heart touched to the core by beautiful YW and devoted leaders. And, even after all these years, it never gets old. 

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